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Target Translations and Interpretations is aware of the importance of professional training and continued education when becoming a certified interpreter and translator. Join the interpreter’s membership program where you can enjoy fulfillment of your CIUs certification requirements, webinars, and further your training as a professional interpreter.  Join our team and learn how you can take advantage of this rewards program while furthering your interpreter’s and/or translator’s career.

How to become a certified court interpreter?

  • Receive the proper training. If you want to become a court interpreter  there are various options including online and in-person training to help you achieve your goals.
  • After completing the orientation applicants must take a written exam.
  • Once you pass the written exam, you´ll have to pass an oral exam.
  • After passing the pertinent exams, candidates will receive an application packet and shall go through a fingerprinting and background check process to become a certified court interpreter and shall have a certification number.

How to become a certified medical interpreter?